Push-ups Though Each Trimester

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Push-Ups Through Pregnancy

Push -ups are a great exercise to continue throughout pregnancy. The plank based move can be used throughout your whole pregnancy, with a few modifications. Having a growing belly and not wanting to put added stress on the core, adding some incline can enable you to still get in a strengthening push up without causing any adverse issues.

1st Trimester:

You can continue with a conventional push-up on the floor or modify with a knees bent version. Make sure your back stays flat and your hips come down as you lower to the ground.

2nd Trimester:

Here is where you can start with some modifications. The smith machine typically used for guided squats can be a great machine to use for changing the height of the incline, putting less stress on your core. Make sure your chest is in line with the bar, so as you lower down your chest hits the bar. Keep your hips down and you should be on your toes like a typical push-up. Change the height of the bar to what feels comfortable to you.


3rd Trimester:

You can stick with the smith machine for the third trimester modification. You may want to put the bar higher. This trimester you may get out of breath more easily and don’t want to be challenging your core with this exercise. You still want to make sure your chest lines up with the bar so as you lower your arms, your chest hits the bar. Still keep your legs straight and on your toes.

You can still enjoy working out and doing some great basic exercises, with just a few modifications.


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