First Trimester

1st Trimester Intermediate Legs and Core Workout

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During the first trimester you may be able to continue to exercise as usual but just make sure and listen to your body for what feels right. Sometimes working out can help temporarily relieve  morning sickness or at least be a good distraction. Common pregnancy considerations for working out during this first trimester are; elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, exhaustion and nausea.  Make sure you have approval from your doctor before trying any of the below exercises.

This workout focuses on the lower legs and most importantly, the core.  Keep in mind the core work will be primarily pelvic floor and stability versus anything with a crunch or sit-up.  Remember to do a 5-1 0 minute warm-up first, walking on the treadmill  or see the 1st trimester beginner workout for a warm-up idea.

Workout overview 

Circuit #1 Repeat 2-3x

Band Walk/Monster Walk- 15reps each way, each exercise
Stability Ball Pelvic Tilt into Hip Bridge- 10 reps

Circuit #2 Repeat 2-3x
Step up onto Box- 15 each leg
Single Leg Dead Lift- 15 each leg

Circuit #3 Repeat 2-3x
Forward/Backward Lunges- 10reps each side (forward backward counts as one)
Butt Kicker Machine- 15reps each leg

Videos and Descriptions of Each Exercise
Band Walk/Monster Walk

Great exercise for hip and pelvic stability.  Place band around ankles or around knees (easier) start walking laterally, maintaining tension on the band at all times 15 reps.   The next version, the monster walk,  is a forward walk with diagonal steps outwards and then backwards diagonals. Focus on your glutes as you push out and forward or out and backward. 15 reps


Pelvic Tilt into Hip Bridge

Begin with a pelvic tilt first, then maintaining this tilt start to left hips and butt off ground.  Drive heals into the ground and squeeze glutes up.  Go as high as your body allows.

Step up onto Box

Find a box or bench that you can comfortably and safely step up on to.  Do all of your reps on one side first then switch to the other side.  Make sure to drive your heal into the box and come to a full standing position on top of the box.


Single Leg Dead Lift

Start by finding your balance on one foot then slowly bent forward while letting the weights hang forward.  Make sure to keep your chest up and core tight to protect the lower back. Try to feel a stretch in the back of your hamstring and squeeze your glute as you come back to standing.  This exercise can be done with no weights or with dumbbells to increase the difficulty.

Forward/Backward Lunges

Begin by lunging forward with your right foot making sure to take a big step, then move that same right foot back into a reverse lunge. You can step your feet together in the middle if it is too difficult to go right from the forward lunge to the backward lunge.  Repeat the same motion 10 times for a total of 20 lunges on the one side. Then repeat on the left side, the same leg goes forward and then back.  You can do this exercise with no weight or you can add dumbbells to increase the difficulty.

Butt Kicker Machine

Start by firmly planting one leg into the ground, knee slightly bent.  The other heel of your foot should be flat on the bar that will be kicking back.  Make sure your back is flat, core activated and that your hips are level and balanced.   Kick your leg back smoothly and slowly and pause at your furthest point. You will feel both glutes working, the standing leg is working isometrically and the active leg doing the movement.


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