First Trimester

1st Trimester Advanced Leg and Core Workout

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There are not many restrictions when comes to exercise in the first trimester, workouts could possibly continue almost like normal.  Your heart rate may be elevated more than usual as well as fatigue and nausea. Make sure and give yourself plenty of recovery time after each exercise.  Its a good idea to wear a heart rate monitor to get a baseline heart rate at the beginning of the workout then see how much your hear rate raises, also use this to determine recovery between exercises. This workout is designed for woman that are experienced lifters and have been working out for quite some time.  The following workout has 2 circuits, repeat each circuit 2x – 3x.

Have Fun and remember to warm-up before beginning workout, see 1st Trimester Total Body for a Warmup!

First Trimester Advanced Leg and Core Workout

Circuit #1
Band Shuffle Side to Side Fast x30 each way
Step up Jumps Fast x30 (15 steps each side)
Circuit #2
Step up to Reverse Lunge same leg x10 each side
BOSU Ball Black Side 1 Foot Dead Lift x15 each side
TRX 1ft Lunge x15 each side


List of Videos and Exercises for First Trimester Advanced Legs and Core Workout

Band Shuffle Side to Side Fast

Begin with band around ankles, knees slightly bent, start walking laterally and begin to shuffle a little faster as you get the movement down.  Shuffle 15 times one way and shuffle back. You should feel the burn in the hips, glutes and quads.

Step ups Jumps Fast

Begin with one foot on box, step up as you come down from step up, switch foot that is on box and repeat.  One foot should always be on the box, your pushing of that leg and switching feet.  Start slow and once you get the rhythm down begin to speed up.  Make sure your steady on your feet, if you feel like your going to fall or lose balance this exercise is not for you.


Step up to Reverse Lunge same leg

Place one foot on top of box, step up, the other leg steps down to be the support leg on the ground.  The leg you just stepped up with comes back for a reverse lunge and then goes right back on top of box for another step up.  Repeat both sides and add dumbbells for more of a challenge.

BOSU Ball Black Side 1 Foot Dead Lift

Make sure you can balance on one foot on the bosu ball no problem before you attempt a dead lift, again this exercise is for an advanced client and at no time during pregnancy should you risk falling.  If you are steady on the bosu ball, place one foot in center of ball, begin to lean forward bringing weight to mid-shin height before coming back up to start.  Maintain a flat back by keeping chest out and core squeezed tight.  Try to feel a stretch in the back of the hamstring and your glute squeezing as you come back to standing.


TRX 1ft Lunge

Place one foot securely in strap, hop out with the other foot for a good sized lunge position. Begin slowly lunging back and down, toe, ankle and knee of the standing leg should stay in alignment throughout the entire movement.  Feel free to hang on to something for extra support or grab a weight to make exercise a little harder.


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