Third Trimester

5 Fun Things To Do The Last 2 Months Of Pregnancy

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Making it though 40 weeks +/-   of pregnancy is no easy task, with your body being taken over and having to endure whatever gets thrown your way. Once you get to two months left, everyone says you are almost there. In reality the last two months can feel like they move at a glacial pace. It is certainly a long distance event to get through it, more challenging in fact. If you are training for a marathon or long distance triathlon, at least you have your own body, there’s no hanging up the belly at the end of the day. Here are some non active, activities that I’ve enjoyed to help make it through….

Have something fun and relaxing to do each week. This way you have something to get through the last stretch of pregnancy. 

1. Movies:

Going to the movies at any time of the day. Let’s face it, it’s tough to stay up late at this point. Why not go see a late morning or afternoon movie. Bonus is if you can find a theater with reclining seats. Ahhh!

2. Nails:

Make an appointment at your favorite nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. Those massage chairs for the pedicures are extra relaxing. See if you can get a nice scrub and who can reach their toes at this point for polish anyway!

3. Pre-natal massage:

Make sure and find someone who knows what they are doing here. Typically prenatal massages are on your side, unless the masseuse has a special table that has a space for your belly. A good masseuse will be able to get out all of those knotted up tight spots that have been bugging you.

4. Pre-make some lactation cookies and or brownies:

I’m a big fan of both cookies and brownies, so to have some that can also help with milk supply is a bonus. Try out some recipes and find your favorite and put some in the freezer to have some ready to go.

mock margarita5. Happy hour and mock-tails:

Ok, maybe you can’t have the same drinks and all the same foods, but it’s still nice to get out and have some version of a happy hour out! I’ve had some excellent mock margaritas.  Since the raw seafood stuff is out for now I just stick with the cooked stuff.

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