How We Fit In Workouts With A Little One

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I personally really enjoy getting in a morning workout as a way to start the day. Pre baby, my husband and I would get up together and get in our workout sessions. Mixing it up with weights 3-4x a week, cardio and some yoga. We used this as a way to spend some quality time together too.

Along comes baby, with no regard for our precious workout time together. We had to start getting creative with how to both get in our workouts in the morning and keeping baby on schedule. Here are some tactics we used in order to stay on track.

In the early days, sleep was sparse, but I knew once my husband was at work I was on my own so, while baby was still sleeping I would pump a bottle of milk, then husband could feed the baby once he woke up. So after pumping I would head out to get in my uninterrupted workout, yay!

Once baby was old enough, we found a gym with a quality childcare, so mom and dad could get back to our workouts together. In theory, this worked out great, but there were of course some bumps that derailed this plan. When baby decided to sleep in, not leaving time to get to the gym, or worse, when he got sick, which was every couple weeks. And of course you can’t bring your sick kids to the gym….so now what?

We decided the most fool proof way to still both get in workouts was to go back to our staggered plan. I would take the early workout shift then when I got back, my husband would take off and I would take over the parenting duties.

Another tactic we started doing is, getting a babysitter to come on the weekend and have her come early so we could go to the gym first, then come home and get ready and go out to dinner. Or having a sitter come in the morning and doing an outdoor workout together somewhere. We love doing a run on the beach, which is not something you can do with a running stroller. So we could get in a nice morning run then we head out for some healthy brunch. We love doing this, it helps us feel like our old selves again. It’s also a nice break in the usual routine. Getting in workouts with kids is certainly more challenging but it can be done!

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