My Story

KuliaFit was created as a way to share what I’ve learned in my over 10 years as a trainer, nutrition coach and finding the best no junk products. The word Kulia is part of a Hawaiian phrase Kūlia i ka nu‘u meaning  “Strive to reach the summit” I feel connected to the Hawaiian cultures love of nature and I am always striving to be a better version of myself and I know we are all striving for a goal big or small.


I grew up competing in swimming and running and in college I played Ice hockey and competed in Triathlons including Ironman distance. I completed my bachelors degree from Michigan State University and shortly after became certified as a personal trainer. Before becoming pregnant with my first child I enjoyed training clients for endurance events such as running, swimming and triathlons (as a USAT triathlon coach) as well as weight loss and nutrition coaching. As a mom I began to focus more on helping  other new moms with proper workout regimens and nutrition planning. I am passionate about sharing fun and informative exercise and nutrition information. I’m certified through Precision Nutrition level 1 &2. Exercise and Nutrition are key to total health but discovered along the way there is more to it,  including things in our environment that are just as important. After I discovered hidden dangerous chemicals in different household items and personal care products, I have found alternatives for all the toxic products we used to use.

For total body health, I now focus on how to get the whole family to eat whole real food, exercise and use non toxic products. My goal of this blog is to share what I’ve learned from finding safe exercises though pregnancy,  efficient fun workouts,  non- toxic products  for the whole family, and how to sneak vegetables in to every meal. I am excited to share my knowledge and ideas for women to feel strong, empowered and to become her best self.


Health is wealth,  Christina

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